Consumer Finance taught by Mr. Tharp will be a hybrid class where we will meet in person everyday but you will have the option some days to complete your work online if you so choose.

This is Mrs. Rewa's team-taught Algebra 1

Algebra 1

This course builds on basic algebraic concepts.  Throughout the course, students will be exploring real world applications of the concepts being learned.  This course is designed to help students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Algebra 2B is the second semester of Algebra 2 (Advanced Algebra), but is taught over a full school year.  The course will include chapters 7-13 of the advanced algebra book.


An Algebra 2 course taught by Ms. Weaver at Greenvile High School.

Algebra 1 taught by Mr. Tharp at Greenville High School in the LD self-contained program.

This is a Chicago Math course.